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A Bit About Hugh

After spending 30 years of training and studying the fields of Psychology, Psychotherapy & Counselling, as well as researching and training in the field of Spiritual Development, one thing I have discovered is that people are seeking to experience and understand their true Self.

Carl Jung acknowledged this as the process of 'Individuation'.  An experience of the 'Self' or Soul or Source.  In recent years this has been further developed within the field of TransPersonal Psychology.


Welcome to the site. In this site you will find information on the services, training and workshops run and organised by Dr Hugh M Quigley PhD.  Hugh has been working and training in the field of Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, NLP and Psychology since 1990.  He has worked as a Registered Clinical Psychotherapist, Accredited Counsellor, Approved Supervisor and Accredited & Approved Trainer for many organisations. Hugh has taught at Liverpool John Moore’s University, North West Regional College and has been a visiting Trainer and Lecturer for many Organisations.Hugh is a Fellow Member of the National Counselling Society and a Fellow Member of the National Hypnotherapy Society. He holds Approved Trainer Status with the Association of NLP International and is a Certified Trainer with the National Guild of Hypnotists where he is also Board Certified after having taken their Board Certification Exam. He is also Registered with The British Psychological Society with their Psychological Testing Centre as Registered Qualified Test User in Occupational and Personality testing. Hugh also holds the Myers Briggs Type Indicator levels one and two.Hugh says: ‘ the goal of all the work I do is client empowerment. No matter what a person presents with, the outcome seeks to have them in the most empowered place possible to engage with and manage their lives. Having worked with many issues over the years, the person coming for help has always sought to be able to live more freely and to be able to manage life.’

Services I Offer

Light Transformation Coaching

This is a series of 5 sessions, spread over a 10 week period.



Cost is £625

Light Transformation Psychotherapy

This is a series of 10 weekly sessions lasting for approximately 1 hour.



Cost is £950

Individual Session of Light Transformation Therapy

A one-off session will work with you to align to your vertical energy body rather than the horizontal or psychological mind.  Session lasts approximately 75 mins and includes connection to your energtic self.



“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.”

Sigmund Freud


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