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BS - and how they get in the way!

The clue was in the title. BS in my world equals Belief Systems. We all live by them as if they are the Actual, Fact Proven Truths that run the world. The only world they run is our own world. And even my posting this is a reflection of my own belief systems.

Our belief systems can facilitate our world or block us from having what we need and want. I have heard this week, from people looking to change, that I'm too expensive, wanting guarantees that 'I, the therapist', will change them. They didn't book. lol.

It's a good way to start the year by looking at your beliefs about the changes you want to make. Have your own Epiphany and look at what beliefs are really running your life. The old truth 'whether you believe you're wrong or you're right. You're right!' Whatever is running the show behind the scenes, runs your life.

So if there are changes you want to make look at the BS that are getting in your way and work on them.

Remember, with the helpful BS you can change your world and the world around you.


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