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The Princess and The Frog Part 2

Lessons from the Princess and the Frog Part 2..... Yesterday i spoke about the song 'Dig Deeper'. Well i think a little bit of clarity is needed about what that means.

In the context of changework, digging deeper is not about digging up the past or week after week going over pasts hurts, let downs or stories. It means exploring the beliefs that are running the show for you. It means exposing those untrue messages that keep your issues in place and create physical,emotional and behaviour symptoms that cause you to feel stuck and add to hopelessness and lack of motivation.

Have you ever thought of negotiating between your Conscious and Unconscious Minds. Brain Bargaining (tm) a process created by Steven Blake and the basis of OldPain2Go(r)helps you to create a dialogue between the two aspects of mind and so be in the position to change your mind about your symptoms from physical through to emotional pain. In most cases it takes one session for a single issue. I have watched people take control back into their own hands and leave free of fears,pain, trauma and unwanted symptoms. The key factor was that they wanted to change.

So as you see digging deeper isnt raking up old stories or 'opening old wounds' it's working with all aspects of your mind to get the results you want.


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