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The Princess and The Frog.

The Princess and the Frog. Dont know if you saw it this morning.... I did and was struck by one of the songs in it. 'Dig Deeper' A Vodoo mother asks the 2 frogs what do they need. The frogs are unable to answer, they can say what they want, yet find it difficult to say what they need. This cauaed me to think about all the changes people will say they want in 2019. Yet if pushed,would anyone be able to say what they need. How many will listen to their unconscious minds and understand what needs are asking to be met?

So when you say you want this, dig deeper and ask yourself 'what need will doing this meet in me?'

In wanting to lose weight or stop smoking or do more exercise or earn more money,have a look at what need will be met and find a way to meet the need and your weight, your smoking,your making money etc will all take care of itself. Dig Deeper,as the song says and find a driver that will work for you. When you have a powerfull need driving yoir behaviour,your unconscious mind will work with you and for you to Make It Happen.

So if you were to Dig Deeper, what will you be doing differently in 2019?


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